Born in 1974


T.W.S. since the beginning stands out as a company of primary importance in the national industrial context in the field of plastic material processing. Throughout its history it specializes in the production of technical cases and bags which have quality as a fundamental feature. It can be said without fear of being contradicted that the tool case as we think of it today was practically invented by the T.W.S. 

Enthusiasm and professionalism are an integral part of the company's policy which, never satisfied by the numerous successes and recognitions obtained in almost 50 years of prosperous activity, has incessantly dedicated itself to continuous improvement and the search for new materials which allow the production of valid reliable working tools suitable for transporting any object in a safe and orderly manner. 

Thanks to the 3 product ranges and the exclusive distributions sent by important companies at a European level, T.W.S. offers itself as a leader in the national market.  

T.W.S. is quality, elegance and safety.

T.W.S. founded in 1974 by Ubaldo Longhin is now managed by his sons Giuseppe and Marco who continue with the philosophy of listening to the customer, dialogue and sharing ideas to arrive at the evaluation of the project and the final product
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DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF CASES, bags and flight cases for instruments, tools and any other product you to transport, protect or simply show