SILVER series

Modularity and security

The cases in the SILVER range are born from the idea of proposing a solution that responds to functional and aesthetic needs. Available in 12 standard sizes, they can also be made to measure.


  • realized in Ahc, a bi-component material 

  • chromed accessories

  • clipper locks with key closure

  • strong and ergonomic handle

  • inner lining with 6mm thickness

  • Fodera interna in materiale antiurto spessore 6 mm
  • PE foam interior

  • cardboard interior

  • screen print

  • thermoformed interior

cod. SL30S

Inn. dim. 300x200x110 (60+50) mm

Ext. dim. 330x230x120 mm

cod. SL30M

Inn. dim.  300x200x170 (120+50) mm

Ext. dim. 330x230x180 mm

Cod. SL30L

Inn. dim. 300x200x230 (180+50) mm

Ext. dim.  330x230x231 mm

cod. SL40S

Inn. dim. 400x300x110 (60+50) mm

Ext. dim. 430x330x120 mm

cod. SL40M

Inn. dim. 400x300x170 (120+50) mm

Ext. dim. 430x330x180 mm

cod. SL40L

Inn. dim. 400x300x230 (180+50) mm

Ext. dim. 430x330x240 mm

cod. SL48S

Inn. dim. 480x400x110 (60+50) mm

Ext. dim. 510x430x120 mm

cod. SL48M

Inn. dim. 480x400x170 (120+50) mm

Ext. dim. 510x430x180 mm

cod. SL48L

Inn. dim. 480x400x230 (180+50) mm

Ext. dim. 510x430x240 mm

cod. SL60S

Inn. dim. 600x480x110 (60+50) mm

Ext. dim. 630x510x120 mm

cod. SL60M

Inn. dim. 600x480x170 (120+50) mm

Ext. dim. 630x510x180 mm

cod. SL60L

Inn. dim. 600x480x230 (180+50) mm

Ext. dim. 630x510x240 mm


screen print

print with 1 or more colour

PU pre-cut foam

Pre-cut cubes PU foam

PE foam

design and set-up with different densities
foam material, shaped according to the technical draw

panels and separators

dividing panels and fixed or mobile separators